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TARGET AUDIENCE:  The EDGE Initiative is geared toward academic engineering deans, and seeks specifically to engage the signatories of the ASEE Deans Diversity pledge made by 200+ engineering deans to, along with other actions, develop and implement “…proactive strategies to increase the representation of women and underrepresented minorities in our faculty.”  However, deans do not operate in isolation, so this work also targets academic institutional leaders; engineering chairs/heads, faculty, staff and students who serve to motivate actions of deans; and all with interest in furthering the cause of diversity, equity and inclusion in engineering.

The GOALS of the EDGE Initiative are to:

  • reduce key institutional and system-level barriers to engineering deans’ efforts to effectively recruit, retain, and advance diverse women faculty, and
  • conduct research to determine if reducing identified barriers will increase engineering deans’ capacity (i.e., awareness, knowledge, and behavior) to effect positive equity-change for women faculty.


IDENTIFIED CHALLENGES (ASEE, 2015) to engineering deans’ gender equity change efforts include:

  • lack of common institution and national benchmarks,
  • no centralization of evidence-based leadership resources and tools;
  • limited engineering-specific research-to-practice translation strategies and models, and
  • an inadequate pipeline and lack of succession planning including diverse women academic engineering leaders.


The EDGE Initiative seeks to help deans by providing them with the tools to reduce the above identified barriers.

Specifically, the EDGE Initiative OBJECTIVES are to:

  1. Establish the ASEE’s National Gender Equity Indicators Database based upon the Engineering Gender Equity Benchmark Survey, adapted from Hunter Colleges’ ADVANCE Gender Equity Project Survey. Such data collection will inform target areas and benchmarks for gender equity change institutionally and nationally.
  2. Create a Gender Equity Web-index of primarily ADVANCE evidence-based tools and strategies organized for engineering deans using the Center for Gender in Organization’s 4 Frames Model for Promoting Gender Equity within Organizations (i.e., Frame-1: URG-specific programs; Frame-2: Policy & Procedure Development; Frame-3: Leadership Support; Frame-4: Organizational Re-Visioning.)
  3. Provide deans, through a post-Engineering Deans Institute (EDI) EDGE Action-Steps Workshop (Wednesday, April 10, 2019), process strategies, tools, and information to foster gender equity, diversity and inclusion change:
  • Introduce the EDGE Gender Equity Survey and how to use it.
  • Facilitate deans’ process for setting the stage for change (e.g., identification of evidence-based high priority activities and considerations for change-team composition); and provide evidence-based tools and application strategies for gender equity change
  • Encourage succession planning and showcase a successful model(s) for leadership development
  • Share identified gender specific challenges to mid-career women
    • Facilitate candid conversation with a panel of diverse women engineering deans
  1. Produce the EDGE Showcase Webinar Series to help translate research-to-practice, and model successful/promising strategies used by engineering deans engaged in gender equity actions.
  2. Help support the preparation of diverse women engineering faculty for leadership roles
  3. Conduct Research to determine, “Are deans’ capacities to effect faculty equity positively changed by engagement in ASEE EDGE Initiative activities?”


Download Edge Summary document:

EDGE Overview Document