Professor Virginia ValianAn Inclusive College of Engineering: Achieving Gender Equity, Diversity & Excellence












Gretal Leibnitz, [EDGE co-PI/Project Director; TECAID PI; ADVANCE Implementation Mentors (AIM) Network Founding Director] and Aisha Lawrey, (TECAID co-PI),  “Setting the Stage for Change: Resources, Strategies & Examples”













Engineering deans Stephanie Adams (Old Dominion), Gilda Barabino (City College), and Theresa Maldonado (UTEP) will serve on a panel as models of successful leadership advancement


Professor and associate dean Christine Grant (NCSU) will address Mid-Career Faculty Advancement;


Professor Diane Magrane (Drexel), Founder and Emeritus Director of ELATE will speak to leadership development and sponsorship of future women leaders. View presentation here.