EDGE Workshops


2020 “Taste of EDGE” Deans Panel

The 2020  “Taste of EDGE” webinar was held on Wednesday May 6. (The format for this years event was revised in response to COVID-19.)

Deans Panel Discussion on the COVID-19 Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A candid conversation with a panel of  engineering deans moderated by Dr. Yannis Yortsos (USC), Dr. Sharon Walker (Drexel University), Dr. Scott Ashford (Oregon State University) , Rudolph Buchheit (University of Kentucky).

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has disrupted engineering education at a fundamental level. This session will explore challenges as well as opportunities associated with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at the faculty level, and how engineering schools address them. Examples include: (1) working from home while also caring for dependents (children, elderly); (2) opportunities for mentoring and growth; (3) on-line vs. in-person engagement; (4) research productivity and growth. We will also address DEI issues in a post-Coronavirus future.

A recording of this webinar can be viewed here.



2019 Post-EDI Action Steps- Workshop

The  post-Engineering Deans Institute (EDI) 2019 EDGE Action-Steps Workshop (Wednesday, April 10, 2019), provided information, strategies, tools, and resources to assist engineering deans in promoting faculty gender equity change.  The workshop included:

  • A self-assessment of dean knowledge and actions to promote faculty gender equity, and an overview of the research on how to create an inclusive engineering college (Virginia Valian)
  • Evidence-based strategies and tools for gender equity change [e.g., the 2-part (data template & narrative questionnaire) EDGE College Self-Assessment Tool, Checklist, Tools, & Resources; TECAID; ADVANCE StratEGIC Toolkit) (Gretal Leibnitz & Aisha Lawrey)
  • Candid conversation with a panel of diverse women engineering deans (Stephanie Adams, Gilda Barbino, Theresa Maldonado; facilitated by Christine Grant)
  • Identification of gender-specific challenges and strategies to support diverse, mid-career women faculty (Christine Grant), and
  • A successful model for leadership development and succession planning (e.g., ELATES) (Diane Magrane)

For more information about the workshop, check out the agenda and resources pages.