2019 Post-EDI Action Steps Workshop

The  post-Engineering Deans Institute (EDI) 2019 EDGE Action-Steps Workshop (Wednesday, April 10, 2019), provided information, strategies, tools, and resources to assist engineering deans in promoting faculty gender equity change.  The workshop included:

  • A self-assessment of dean knowledge and actions to promote faculty gender equity, and an overview of the research on how to create an inclusive engineering college (Virginia Valian)
  • Evidence-based strategies and tools for gender equity change  (Gretal Leibnitz & Aisha Lawrey)
  • Candid conversation with a panel of diverse women engineering deans (Stephanie Adams, Gilda Barbino, Theresa Maldonado; facilitated by Christine Grant)
  • Identification of gender-specific challenges and strategies to support diverse, mid-career women faculty (Christine Grant), and
  • A successful model for leadership development and succession planning (e.g., ELATES) (Diane Magrane)

For more information about the workshop, view the agenda and speakers & presentations pages.